Eau de Choo

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved perfume. I remember my grandmother having a silver tray on her dresser with at least 10 different perfumes on it, and I loved playing with them! She even had one with the puffer on the end (my favorite!). Though I was never a fan of Red Door or White Diamonds, there was something intriguing about the beautiful bottles and what fragrant elixirs they held.

Twenty-some years later, and I still have a love affair with perfume, with five bottles I rotate through on a daily basis. It may sound cliché, but there’s something so sophisticated, feminine and yes, sexy, about wearing perfume. To me, perfume is the finishing touch to a perfect outfit. And on days when I don’t want to give it my all, wearing perfume still makes me feel like I’m all dressed up!

Where once perfumes were a luxury only the nobility could afford, now these bottled fragrances are quite ubiquitous – with every celebrity coming out with their own ‘unique’ scent.

However, the new Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette truly stands out from the pack. This light pink fragrance sparkles in an eye-catching, iridescent bottle. As I found out, the bottle was inspired by handcrafted Italian Murano glass and works to capture light at every turn, casting a rosy, blush-like glow across the dressing table. It has a jewel-like, vintage feel and that same magical feeling as a favorite pair of Jimmy Choo heels or handbag.

At first scent, this perfume is light and airy, yet powerful. It stays in your nose, like a fond memory, pleasantly reminding me that it’s there. Every time I get a whiff of it, it’s as if it were the first time. Where other scents I have memorized, this one is mesmerizing.

I learned that, Olivier Polge, the nose behind the fragrance, wanted the scent to embody the glamourous life of the ‘Jimmy Choo woman:’

She’s stylish and sexy, exuberant and refined, intriguing and captivating. For the Eau de Toilette, I wanted to maintain the signature of this captivating woman by bringing it more transparency, while expanding the vibration points to make it more dazzling: pear illuminated with ginger, orchid tinted with rose and cedar that takes over from caramel for vibrant sensuality. Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette is the imprint of the Jimmy Choo woman, mischievous and provocative, she is a sparkling beauty.

Yes, this scent definitely smells like the fragrance a seductress might spray on her silk camisole to bait her evening prey! Perhaps that’s precisely the juxtaposition it seeks to achieves in its soft, yet commanding presence.

Luckily, for those of us women who are not quite as coquettish in our daily lives, Jimmy Choo Eau du Toilette does all the hard work for us, and is available in Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide beginning March 2012.

My New Year’s Rockin’ Resolutions

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I hadn’t intended to do a New Year’s post, but I woke up this morning to my friend Ada’s New Year’s resolution blog post and now I’m super inspired to do a little writing myself. Sorry this isn’t my typical style-related blog post, but it’s a little insight into this little blogger’s personal life, so maybe you’ll enjoy this…or at the very least, enjoy a glass of champy while reading this!

1.) To learn conversational French

I’ve been teaching myself very little French for a few years now. If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m a bit of a Francophile, so naturally, learning the language of my adopted people is a must. I JUST purchased all 5 levels of Rosetta Stone French, so I am so excited to improve upon my French. My goal is to learn conversational – meaning being able to converse at a moderate level – in French by this time next year. Wish me luck (or bon chance!).

2.) To read 2 books per month

This is possibly my loftiest goal of all. I’ve been so bad about reading the books I want to read. I have SO many books piled up on my nightstand for MONTHS that I’ve yet to crack open. I’m in a book club that meets about every 6 weeks, but there are books that I want to read that I have just been bad about actually doing. So one book a month will be my book club book, and the other will be MY book that I want to read. And I’m really excited about this!

3.) To give back more

I have been SO blessed and fortunate, and I remind myself about that all of the time. My cup truly runneth over – I have a job I love that allows me to live the life I want to live, I have the BEST friends in the world, I get to travel, etc. etc. – so really, I have every reason in the world to give back. Be it my time and financially, I really want to find a charity or nonprofit organization that I feel passionately about where I can both volunteer my time and donate money to.

Feel free to post YOUR suggestions below in the comment section!

4.) To learn to do the splits

Haha – I know, this one is a funny one, but this has been a lifelong goal of mine forever! This one I actually want to accomplish by my 20-10th birthday this year, so look out for a photo of me doing the splits – I’m gonna get all Kyle Richards on you people!

5.) To frame and hang my photos

This is one that’s on EVERYONE’S list! I have beautiful photos and artwork from Paris, Provance, Mexico – all of my travels, and I desperately want to hang them up. Framing. however, is definitely the most daunting part. Nonetheless, the thought of being surrounded by photos of the places I have traveled just makes me SO happy, and I am all about the happiness!

6.) To make my love life a priority

I have a GREAT life, and I am very content as a single woman. But who doesn’t enjoy having a special person to share your great life with? 2011 has had some ups and downs in the love dept., but I’m an optimist and I’m going to say I’ve had more ups than downs this year. I’ve learned so much about myself and what I want and need in a relationship. I truly believe it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. My mom seems to think 2012 is my year for love. I won’t go as far as to say that, but this little hopeful romantic is looking forward to all the possibilities that 2012 will bring…and if you happen to know any eligible bachelors…wink!

So those are my New Year’s resolutions for 2012! Now it’s your turn! What are your New Year’s resolutions??

Eddie Bauer 2011 Holiday Collection

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Want to win a Camelback-style Eddie Bauer backpack?? Keep reading to find out how!

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Eddie Bauer to come check out their new Holiday Collection at the Tyson’s Corner location. My first thought was “Have they met me?? I don’t camp. I don’t do mountains.” But once I got there and saw the collection, I was WRONG, baby, wrong.

Once synonymous with L.L. Bean and outdoorsy attire for the upwardly mobile, Eddie Bauer has gone through a veritable makeover in the past few years. Dare I say, much of what I saw in the store was not only cute and contemporary, but on trend.

As part of their “Blogger’s Day” event, I was asked to style one men’s look and one women’s look from the Holiday Collection (how fun!). I love the casual “boyfriend” look of both the men’s and women’s styles. The layered look is once again very chic this season. The rumpled look works best when it’s still fitted to your body!

So without further ado, the Eddie Bauer 2011 Holiday Collection (as style by yours truly!):

My favorite pieces from the collection:

- Diamond Blanket Cardigan ($149)

- Sherpa Cabin Sweater Coat ($149)

- Relaxed Fit Eddie’s Favorite Flannel Shirt ($39.95)

- Classic Fit Button Fatigue Fisherman Sweater ($59.95)

What do you think of the Eddie Bauer 2011 Holiday Collection? Will any of these items make your holiday wishlist??

CONTEST: Would you like this Camelback-style Eddie Bauer backpack?? Simply Tweet this: “@DistrictCouture I want the @EddieBauer backpack! http://bit.ly/u0WHyO” and I will choose a winning Tweeter at random!

*Disclosure: After arriving to the blogger event, I was told I would be receiving a complimentary Eddie Bauer gift card.*

Fashionable Winter 2011-2012 Coats

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While we’re lucky to be having a mild fall in DC this year, winter is just around the corner! Most of you know how unpredictable winter in the metro-area can be – 5 feet of snow followed by 60 degree weather in the middle of February. Precisely why it’s important to be prepared with a fabulous winter coat!

Contrary to what you might see walking along K Street, winter coats do not have to be drab, dark and dowdy! Quite the opposite, winter coats are one of the most chic items of clothing a person can own. A great coat gives you form, makes you look tailored and put-together, and best of all, can dress up an otherwise casual outfit.

So my friends at Let’s Talk Live on Newschannel 8 (aka TBD) asked me to come on and talk about this winter’s hottest trends in winter coat couture! Click the video below or watch here.

Curious about how to warm up in style this winter?

  • The top trend in coats and outerwear this 2011-2012 winter season is FUR! Of course, faux fur is the ONLY way to go  (real fur is so Lower Paleolithic…)
  • Break out of your colorless winter rut and go bold with a bright coat!
  • Patterns are also huge! Try a muted skin print or a neutral plaid.
  • 3/4 sleeves on coats are so chic! Grab a pair of black opera gloves and you won’t have to fret about the frost!
  • Get a cape! Capes are very chic, and such a fun, glamourous throwback to yesteryear.

Looking for the coats featured in the video?

Trade in Your Old Conditioner for Free Fekkai at Saks Tysons

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With the changing of the seasons, sometimes our hair does a little changing of its own. Perhaps you might be feeling like your trusty old conditioner just isn’t rising to the challenge?  Renowned hair stylist to the stars, Frederic Fekkai, feels your pain! That’s why the Fekkai salon in Saks Tysons Corner invites you to stop by on Thursday, October 27 for ‘Calling All Conditioners’ day to trade in your old  full-size conditioner for one full-size (8 oz.) Fekkai Advanced conditioner of your choice, a $25 value, while supplies last. That’s right – receive a FREE bottle of Fekkai conditioner when you bring in any full-size bottle of your own!

The “Calling All Conditioners” day is part of the new “Hair by Fekkai, Life by You” campaign from Fekkai. A Fekkai team representative will be on hand to offer customers a personalized consultation complete with a corresponding conditioner of your choice. Conditioner options include: Brilliant Glossing Conditioner, Salon Technician Color-Care Conditioner and Full Blown Volume Conditioner.

For additional information about Fekkai’s “Calling All Conditioners,” please visit www.fekkai.com.